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The traditional industrial gases mean that various gases are separated from air by air separation units, which will be supplied to clients in forms of gas, liquid or steel cylinder. The most representative includes oxygen, nitrogen and argon. The rare gases include krypton, helium, xenon, neon and high purity gases with few yields but large development space.

Lean operation

●   Establishing the complete operation system, including standard operation procedures and maintenance procedures (SMP; SOP) so as to ensure the reliability and economical efficiency of operation;
●   KPI management; constant, continuous and real-time testing on operation efficiency; timely correcting deviation and ensuring efficiency of equipment;
●   Professional support team; sharing of operation and maintenance experience; sharing spare parts;
●   Establishing Amoeba team to allocate the calculation of consumption –yield to different shifts, departments and teams; to break down and implement benefit accounting;
●   To improve the equipment efficiency and lower energy consumption by six sigma tools,.

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