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  • Air separation

    The air separation is the core business of Baosteel Gases, which is also the most mature one for Baosteel Gases.
    The products of air separation are various. In addition to oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide, the products also include rare gases and high purity gases, which are widely used in metallurgy,


  • Clean energy

    Focus on gas related clean energy products and market, screen technologies with commercialization opportunities, expand industrial gas business by developing new territories of increase.


  • Syngas

    Taking advantages of existing projects, good client relationship and the strategic cooperation of Baosteel Group and some large state-owned coal chemical companies, Baosteel Gases is devoted to investing in and operating synthesis gas projects. We have the integrated competence of R&D, engineering, operation, logistic, equipment rental and AT to provide the best service to syngas downstream clients. We are becoming an outstanding syngas facilitator with extinguished industry influence.


  • Packaged gas

    To establish a platform providing clients with excellent products, service, reliable logistics and skill support in three to five years. The product line includes air separation gases, combustible gases, carbon dioxide, rare gases, mixed gases, medical care gases, standard gases, small-sized liquid cylinders, etc.


  • Hydrogen

    Baosteel Gases owns the leading base for high purity hydrogen production and delivery in East China, boasting 18,000Nm3/h hydrogen producing capacity and 100,000Nm³/h industrial hydrogen resource,



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