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To be an excellent product and service provider



To establish a platform providing clients with excellent products, service, reliable logistics and skill support in three to five years.

The product includes air separation gases, combustible gases, carbon dioxide, rare gases, mixed gases, medical care gases, standard gases, small liquid tanks, etc.

  • Platform
  • Operation
  • Filling station


There are thousands of dispersed packaged gas filling stations in China nowadays. They offer single product with low technical level, backward management and hidden safety problems.

The varieties and qualities do not comply with the surrounded industries.

The investments in packaged gases from multi-national companies are less than those in other fields.

Baosteel Gases established a professional platform of packaged gas according to regional features, and is becoming the partner of dispersed filling stations by integrating them.

Support team

The packaged gas department boasts experienced management team with three functions

Sales and marketing

The product managers and marketing integration team may provide the following assistance

To implement standard IT system
To prepare sales and marketing plans for new product lines
To assist the expansion of marketing of existing products
To assemble the local sales team and provide training

Production and technology

The professional production and technology team is able to improve the safety standard and efficiency of filling station

Improved production efficiency
Standard equipment
Centralized purchasing
Enhanced safety

Merger and acquisition

We are able to achieve regional advantages by M&A.

The business developing team helps negotiatiing with the target company and design the trading structure
The audit and financial analysis team evaluates the profitability of the target quickly
The marketing team evaluates the market share and predicts trend

Why to select Baosteel Gases

01 PAG & Baowu & global resources

PAG is a leading alternative investment management firm in Asia with US$30 billion in funds under management, and Baowu Gourp is one of the largest SOE in the world. The packaged gas business could develop well by taking the advantages of the influences of both.

02 Resources of industrial gases

Resources of industrial gases

Large scale air separation gas manufacturer, with liquid capacity of 5000 tons/day.

Resources of rare gases

The leading high purity xenon and krypton manufacturer in China

Bulk helium importer, owning ISO containers and tube trailer fleets

03 IT system

Baosteel Gases self-developed integrated IT system covering all sections of marketing and production cycle

Client management system – to manage the tracking of potential clients, offering through service for existing clients, and generating various analysis reports.
Cylinder management system – RFID technology as well as proprietary software developed by Baosteel development is able to track and position our cylinders. Combined with powerful analytical tools, it can enhance productivity and steel cylinder revolution so as to optimize capital expenditure and demand and reduce management cost.

04 Support and integration

Baosteel Gases is stepping up the investment in the integration of filling stations under the support from investors. We provide the following support

M&A management tools – develop and check up the database of filling stations and end-users. Baosteel Gases is able to evaluate the market size and trend rapidly, and find out our ideal target.
Financing cost – The local filling stations may get  lower financing cost by cooperating with Baosteel Gases owing to the strength of capital management and brand management of both.

Distribution of steel cylinder gas production

There are two filling station in Shanghai: Shanghai Jiliang Gases and Shanghai Baomin Gases.

Shanghai Baoqing Gases is devoted to hydrogen business, and dominates the hydrogen market in East China by cooperating with Changzhou Baoqing Gases and Taixing Baoqing Gases.

There are four filling stations in Chongqing, located at Beibei, Dadukou, Shapingba and Liangjiang.



A variety of  products
Optimized gas solution and design
Reasonably distributed filling stations and delivery bases supplying cylinder pressure container and safety management support for hazardous chemicals of gases


Management system for tracking client inventories and preparing delivery plan
24-hour response to client demand
Logistics support system based on GPS
Routine inspection service on site


Application technology
Technique support for improving and optimizing gas quality and supply mode
The third-party gas inspection service

Chongqing Baoyu Zhongchen Gases Co., Ltd.

There are 4  filling stations, 2 fleets and over 200 employees

Product & Service

Medical oxygen (for hospital and home)

gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, argon protection gas, acetylene, dimethylmethane, NAS, etc)

High purity gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, acetylene, etc.)

Laser welding gas



Lab gases and pipeline projects

Rare gases and mixed gases

Liquid (medical liquid oxygen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon and carbon dioxide for industry and food)

Liquid nitrogen cold energy recovering service


Address: No. 96, South Tongxing Road, Tongjiaxi, Beibei, Chongqing

Contact: Wang Haifeng

Tel: 13996520533

Email: wanghaifeng583002@baosteel.com

Shanghai Jiliang Standard Reference Gas Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jiliang is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Shanghai Baosteel Gases, and it is devoted to the production of standard gases, special mixed gases, high purity gases and rare gases as well as the research and development of gas detecting service and detecting instrument.

The predecessor was Gas Research Laboratory of Shanghai Measurement and Testing Technology Research Institute. It started gas analysis and research on analytical method since 1960s. It started research development and production of standard gas since 1976. It had advanced equipment imported from foreign countries for equipment of production and quality testing. It is members of National Chemical Industry Standard Material Committee, National Gas Standardization Technical Committee, National Standard Sample Technical Committee, Shanghai Analysis test Association, and Shanghai Gas Industry Association.

Product & Service

Standard gases

Special mixed gases

High purity gases

Rare gases

Gas detection


Address: No.2 Xiyangdian, Zhujiajiao County, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Contact: Zhang Dongxu

Tel: 021-59237848 / 18116234612

Email: zhangdongxu@baosteel.com

Shanghai Baomin Industrial Gases Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Baomin Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Gases, boasting 400 tons/day air separation unit, one standard industrial filling station and one high purity hydrogen filling station.

It is located at Wujing Chemical Park, close to Xupu Bridge, less than 40 km from main industrial parks in Pudong New District, Songjiang, Qingpu and Fengxian.

Baomin is able to provide ordinary industrial gases, high purity gases, mixed gases and low-temperature liquid gas products. The capacity include 40L 15MPa cylinder and 50L 20MPa high pressure cylinder as well as 200L & 450L low-temperature mobile tank (Dewar)

Baomin Gases owns complete sets of gas product analyzers and cylinder safety testing devices, which are able to test on ingredients and trace impurities in gas products, and help supplying various mixed gases as per clients demands.

Product & Service

Industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, acetylene, etc.)

High purity gases (high purity nitrogen, high purity argon, high purity hydrogen, high purity oxygen and high purity helium)

Low-temperature liquid gases (liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon)

Welding mixed gases (argon protection gas, oxygen argon mixed gas, helium and argon gases, etc.)

Industrial mixed gases (laser mixed gas, hydrogen and nitrogen mixed gas, helium and argon gases, and customization as per client demands)

Gas delivery and on-site movement, installation and debugging

Design and implementation of pipeline system

Remote management of cylinder inventory and order

Gas safety management and compulsory inspection

Pressure vessels and gas safety management consultation


Address: No. 2 Door, Coking Plant, No. 4460, Longwu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Contact: XuYingjun

Contact: XuYingjun

Tel: 13564626912


Products:standard gas, medical oxygen, rare gas, mixed gas,

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Supply mode:steel cylinder


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