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To be the best industrial gas facilitator in China


The air separation is the core and the most mature business of Baosteel Gases.

We provide wide range of products including rare gases and high purity gases as well as  oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide.  Our products are widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, welding, electronics, medical care and many other fields. The supply mode of pipeline gas is benefiting both Baosteel Gases and our clients.

Baosteel Gases owns and manages  large scale ASU farms and one of  the most advanced rare gas refining unit  in China, and dominates the liquid market in East China. Further more, Baosteel Gases has a professional team in charge  of the whole project process from factory construction to operation. The team power constructs the competence of Baosteel Gases

  • Large scale ASU(8.4k m3/h)

  • Advanced rare gas refining unit

Products:oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide

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Supply mode:pipeline, cylinder , SOS


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