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Shanghai Jiliang Standard Reference Gases Co., Ltd.

(The predecessor was Gas Research Laboratory of Shanghai Municipal Technical Supervision Measurement and Testing Technology Research Institute) started gas analysis and research on analytical method since 1960s. It started research development and production of standard gas since 1976. It had transformation in 2004 and realized stable transition and accelerated development. The equity was transferred to Shanghai Baosteel Co., Ltd. in 2012 and became a division of Shanghai Baosteel Ltd that is devoted to manufacturing and production of standard gas. It is specialized in the research, development, production, selling and gas analysis, having reputation in Eastern China and in the field.

The company was incorporated in 2003 at Xiyangdian Town, Zhujiajiao, Qingpu District, with a building area of 4600㎡. It is devoted to the development and production of standard gases and methods of gas detection. It is accredited with production license of measuring instruments, fire prevention license, safety production license, gas cylinder filling license, metrological certification license, hazardous chemical business permit and other industrial certificates. It is awarded national environment evaluation certificate and ISO9000 quality management system certificate. The company has a complete set of strict and effective quality management system and safety management system. We strictly perform relevant national standards and industrial standards, meeting customers’ demands.

Business scope

1Permitted operation: gas testing, producing elongated and compressed standard gases and mixed gases, gas cylinder filling and wholesaling hazardous chemicals

2General business: the technical development, technical transfer, technical consultation and technical service for professional field of standard gases; manufacturing of equipment and instrument. The marketing company is members of National Chemical Industry Standard Material Committee, National Gas Standardization Technical Committee, National Standard Sample Technical Committee, Shanghai Analysis test Association, and Shanghai Gas Industry Association. As the member of Work Group of Sample Work Group of National Standard Sample Technical Committee and the secondary member responsible for the draft of standards, it took the lead in 2010 to draw up Guideline for preparation of Chemical Gas Standard Materials Report which will become effective in 2012. In August 2011, the company drew up GB/T12022 Sulphur Hexafluoride for Industrial Use and GB/T18867 Gases for Electronic industry - Sulfur Hexafluoride, the drafts have sent to General Administration of Quality Supervision and Standardization Administration of China for approval. The standards were issued by end of 2012. Our company will be the first drafting unit to promote Electrochemical Ammonia Detection methods into national standard and report it to National Standardization Committee.

The company has 30 employees, among them 70% having college degrees and 7 people having senior professional qualifications. The company boasts a team devoted to scientific research, technology, marketing and management. As the top professional supplier of standard gas production and analysis testing, Shanghai Standard Gas has been providing huge amounts of reliable evidences for industrial and agricultural production, commodity inspection for import and export an arbitration settlement at Shanghai and East China. Our standard gases are widely applied in the fields of chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, medical, environmental protection, food, scientific research and education. We are now serving hundreds of middle large-and-medium enterprise users.

In 2009, “Research on Standard Substances for Environment Control Purpose” was awarded three third prizes including Shanghai Municipal Government Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement; in 2010, the company undertook project of “Research on High Resolution Gas Chromatography - Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer” by Shanghai Technology Commission; the company is now implementing project of “Construction of Service Platform for Shanghai Standard Gas and Gas Testing” by Shanghai Development and Reform Commission.

The gas industry is one of the fundamental industries of national economy. It covers every aspect of national economy and is related to people’s life, leading the development of high-tech. In the 21st century, along with the development of economy and scientific technology, the gas has been increasingly applied in new fields, playing the same role as water and power in the national economy. The gases have been widely used in chemistry, metallurgy, Petrochemical, machinery, electronics, light industry, textile, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry and environment protection. The gas industry is important to construction of national economy.

China’s industrial gas industry has been growing rapidly by 12%, with increasing expansion of applied industry. As an important branch of industry gas, the standard gas is playing a unique role in quality assurance in industrial production. The standard gas is a noun used in the gas industry, and it is a standard substance. The standard substance is even in height, with stability and sound measuring standard. It has functions of reproduction, storage and value transmit. The substance has been used for calibration for measuring instrument and measuring process as well as the accuracy of measuring method in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering measurement. In simple words, the standard gas acts as ruler and weight in gas measurement.

The standard gas is found everywhere in our life, including clothing, food, living and traveling:

Clothing:The cloths for clothes are chemical fibers. High purity nitrogen is used to prevent the cloths from oxidation. The standard gases are dispensable to testing on the high purity nitrogen; and when chemical fibers are made from petroleum, the methane, ethane and hundreds of standard gases are used to assure the quality.

Food:The beverages like Coca-Cola and beer contain edible carbon dioxide of same size. The quality of carbon dioxide shall be detected by sulfur dioxide and other 22 standard gases; the standard gases are used to detect editable gases in preservation of bread and vegetables, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Housing:The air in the room after decoration shall be detected by benzene, methylbenzene, ethylbenzene, xylene and a dozen other standard gases, otherwise we may have no idea if we suffer any disease; the gases in the base shall also be detected by methane and other standard gases before construction of the houses.

Transporting: The ethyl alcohol is necessary to the drunk driving testing; nitric oxide and carbonic oxide are dispensable to testing for exhaust gas; the air quality will be detected by sulfuretted hydrogen, nitrogen dioxide and other standard gases.

In addition, the standard gases are widely used in our daily life. The company has been providing standard gas and gas testing service in Shanghai and industries around the nation.


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